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Outlook Polycarbonate Circular Rooflights | Round Skylights

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The delivery time is currently 3 to 4 weeks on these units.

Quotations available upon request, please email or call 0114 4081000.

The Outlook range is a high quality product in a limited range of sizes meeting the basic needs of Roofers, Builders & Developers without sacrificing material specification. The Outlook circular rooflights feature a double or triple skin of UV enhanced polycarbonate glazing in a circular dome which is long lasting and highly durable. There is also an option for either clear or obscure glazing. The polycarbonate circular rooflights come complete with a 150mm high GRP kerb. The kerb is simple to install and is suitable for all traditional flat roof finishes with no internal decoration required. As well as the standard unvented/fixed option we can offer a pole operated hinged wormgear & electrical hinged opener. This works on the principle of a hinged lifting frame (with the polycarbonate dome attached) rising away from the kerb on one side. This opening will maximise at approximately 30 degrees to the horizontal. The circular rooflights are supplied with installation details & external security fixings.

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