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How to stop the light coming through a domed roof light?

29 Sep 2021

How to stop the light coming through a domed roof light?

Rooflights are provided to make the full use of natural light and to cover them to prevent this is a real shame. Roof lights should be considered to be a ‘pay back’ product that doesn’t need to use costly electric light sources during good day light hours.

Domed rooflights can be manufactured using glazing options such as obscure & tinted. Obscure will diffuse the light but tinted options such as bronze or opal will normally halve the light transmission into the roof below.

Some companies will provide blinds that work in conjunction with their own products but for most rooflight companies that manufacture domed roof lights, that are particularly bespoke, this isn’t always possible. It may be the case that you would need to contact a local blind company to assist you in the task.

It is important to remember that on glass products you may need to consider thermal shock. Thermal shock may appear when the heat build up between the blind and inner glass becomes too high and cause the glass to spontaneously crack or break. It is worth considering speaking to the company that you purchase the product through to make sure this doesn’t affect guarantees etc.